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Channel Management (Accounts Receivable Digitization)

1. Single point management of channel receivables, reconciliation, & finance (with multi-lender interface management)

2. Proactive management of channel credit risks by monitoring payment performance and automated alerts/reminders

3. Dynamic and flexible sales incentives program management

4. Improved sales channel visibility up to the retailer level

Channel Management (Accounts Receivable Digitization)

1. Digital tracking of payables with optional integration to Tally/other accounting systems

2. Seamless digital payments for payables

3. Embedded payables financing options

Vendor Management (Accounts Payable Digitization)

1. Digital invoice submission using in-built interfaces with Tally/other accounting systems

2. Invoice payment status tracking

3. Online invoice authentication & embedded finance options

4. Seamless payables management (for next supplier tier)

Vendor Management (Accounts Payable Digitization)

1.Single point vendor payables management, including provisions to manage debit/credit notes

2. Improved supply chain visibility

3. Multi-lender interface management

4. Better treasury management through dynamic discounting

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